11 Jun 2024

How Klosebuy is Solving the Customer Acquisition Struggle for Small Businesses

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For most small business owners, one of the biggest and most persistent challenges is engaging and attracting new customers, growing their client base. Without a steady stream of new customers, it’s incredibly difficult for a small company to survive and thrive. 

However, customer acquisition is also one of the most expensive and labor-intensive aspects of running a small business. From advertising to marketing costs, to human resources drained from networking, the resources required can quickly become unsustainable.

This is where Klosebuy comes in – an innovative platform designed specifically to connect small businesses with prospective local customers in an affordable, efficient, and automated way.

How Klosebuy Works

Klosebuy allows small businesses to easily create digital ads and rewards, putting their products and services in front of local customers who are already interested in what they have to offer through one community driven mobile app. Consumers want to support local businesses but often times don’t know about them or where they are located.  Klosebuy brings attention to local businesses and rewards consumers with points by simply clicking an icon, helping them create a network of their favorite small businesses.  

For example, if a customer is searching online for “coffee shop near me,” Klosebuy’s system will identify relevant local coffee shops and promote their listings, offers, rewards and with one click, redeem the offer driving foot traffic to local businesses. 

By precisely targeting intent and geo-fencing technology, Klosebuy increases qualified lead generation for small businesses while streamlining their marketing efforts and costs.  Klosebuy lowers the CAC (cost to acquire customers) to numbers any business can afford.

Democratizing Customer Acquisition

One of Klosebuy’s core missions is to level the playing field when it comes to customer acquisition marketing. Big brands have long had the advantage of expensive agencies, data platforms, and marketing technology.

Klosebuy packages these same enterprise-level capabilities into an affordable, self-serve platform tailored for small business owners. This allows even modest local companies to deploy advanced digital marketing strategies and sophisticated customer targeting that was previously only accessible to major corporations.

As consumer behavior shifts more toward online research and mobile engagement, Klosebuy enables small businesses to get found at their customers’ point-of-interest through an intuitive dashboard with just a few clicks. No more aimless advertising with minimal returns. Consumers are finding local businesses and their offers while on their purchasing journey

With Klosebuy, small businesses finally have an effective and sustainable way to continuously grow their customer base through targeted local lead generation. By solving this fundamental growth challenge, Klosebuy is helping to empower small business success and vitality in communities everywhere.