08 May 2024

Klosebuy – Simplifying Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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Small businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to digital marketing. The task can seem overwhelming with many platforms to choose from and limited resources. This is a topic John Muehling, Chief Data Officer at https://www.datagence.io/ and founder of the company, has grappled with for years. In a recent discussion, he highlighted the hurdles that small businesses face. He offered insights into a solution that could significantly impact how these companies engage with their customers.

John has extensive experience in the marketing world, with a background that spans both large corporations and small businesses. He notes that many small business owners struggle with digital marketing because of its complexity and the time it requires. “They don’t always have a dedicated marketing person or dedicated person that can do all these things,” he explained, emphasizing that business owners are often too busy running their businesses to manage their online presence effectively.

Despite the array of digital tools available, John sees a significant gap in ease of use for small businesses. “Google is the proverbial 800-pound gorilla,” he said. “But Google’s almost a little like a black box. It says, here’s a bunch of things that you can do”. However, the problem with Google and other large platforms is the lack of user-friendly guidance for small business owners. Claiming a business on Google can be a cumbersome process that requires a certain level of technical knowledge, which can be a deterrent for many.

This is where Klosebuy’s platform comes into play. Klosebuy provides digital tools to small businesses to make it easier to retain and attract new customers, offering a platform that is both easy to use and intuitive. John found Klosebuy’s approach to be a game-changer because it simplifies the process of reaching out to customers. “The thing that I think was most remarkable about it was the ease of use,” he noted. Klosebuy provides a guided experience that allows small business owners to quickly create offers and promotions without needing extensive technical expertise. “Even if I didn’t have any technology experience, it wouldn’t take me very long to get the hang of this,” John said, pointing out that Klosebuy’s design makes it easy for anyone to understand.

For small businesses, the appeal of a platform like Klosebuy lies in its simplicity and the ability to manage marketing efforts without getting lost in a sea of complexity. By making it easy and simple to get started small businesses can focus on what they do best while still effectively engaging with their customers. This shift toward user-friendly technology could be the key to unlocking the potential of small businesses in the digital age.