20 Feb 2024

Boosting Customer Retention: A Guide for Small Business Owners

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In the dynamic world of business, customer retention is paramount. Without a loyal customer base, small businesses risk stagnation or worse, irrelevance. Engaging with customers and increasing retention is a top priority. Here’s how Klosebuy can help:

1. Simplifying Employee Training: Previously, educating employees about new campaigns or your loyalty program was a daunting task. Klosebuy simplifies this process. Encourage your employees to join Klosebuy – it’s that easy! A comprehensive video overview ensures quick understanding. Plus, employees earn ‘points’ just for joining.

2. Encouraging Customer Participation: Customers are no different from employees. Invite them to join Klosebuy. Highlight the benefits – it’s free, they can earn points by referring friends, and they can share offers they like on social media. Remember, satisfied customers are often willing to help your business grow.

3. Keeping an Eye on Digital Promos: With Klosebuy, you can instantly track the performance of your digital promos. Spend just 15 minutes per week to create offers, run promotions, and adjust underperforming promos. As you identify high-demand products or services, make necessary changes by simply ‘editing’ your offers.

4. Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Social media is a powerful tool for reaching consumers quickly and inexpensively. Advertise your Klosebuy merchant status, promote your offers, and encourage customers and employees to ‘share’ your digital promos. Your customer base will soon expand.

5. Rewarding Loyalty: Klosebuy members earn points for signing up, favoring your business, and referring friends – at no cost to you. Treat your best customers like VIPs.  Maintain a stock of Reward Certificates to thank regulars with points. Klosebuy automatically rewards all registered consumers for opening their apps, on anniversaries and during special occasions. This strengthens your relationship with your most loyal customers.

6. Leveraging Push Notifications: Whether it’s a special event, new product line, service specials, new “point” deals, or a month-end deal, announce it when you’re ready to promote. Push notifications ensure your customers are always aware of your business.  Klosebuy helps you reach customers by the mobile device, keeping you top of mind.

7. Join The Klosebuy Shared Community: Klosebuy’s mobile app is community focused.  As each business joins the community, so do their customers.  Your business is immediately being introduced to new local customers on a daily basis.  With the click of a button, they can engage with your business, use your deals and begin receiving push messages from you.

Remember, customer retention is not just about maintaining your current customer but also attracting new customers. With Klosebuy, you have a partner ready to help you achieve this goal.

P.S. To learn more about Klosebuy or Sign Up today, click here: https://klosebuy.com/getstarted